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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2012Printer-Friendly
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Prayer Points for NYGM in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

Gasoline. Gas is in short supply. Gas is needed for the vehicles in order to pickup the food from 3 Trader Joe's throughout the day and distribute it to the needy areas of the City. Gas is also needed to keep our portable generator running for heat and basic power. We have to wait in line for 5-6 hours to refuel. Millions are still without power and it may not be back for a number of days yet.

Food. We have a unique partnership with all of the Trader Joe's in Manhattan to distribute to those in need. It has created incredible goodwill in the community and a genuine openness to the Gospel. Lines of hundreds of people form in front of the church to receive help.

Gospel literature. We seek to distribute literature with the food but we are running out of our own supplies. We need Gospels of John and even Bibles if possible.

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