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MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2011Printer-Friendly
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The chapel was full with 85 people in tonight's service

The chapel was full with 85 people in tonight's service.  At the end a lady asked to give a testimony.  She was here last week for the first time and announced tonight that she had given her heart to the Lord and was a new creature.  She confessed the Lord publically.  In our after service prayer meeting a lady who was here for the third week in a row broke into tears and testified that she had been away from the Lord for over a year but she was coming home.  She said she found a welcome love in this place that touched her heart.  It has been a joy to see the Lord moving among the people.
Pray that we will continue to be a beacon of hope and light in the East Village.  Trader Joes in calling us several times a week during the day to come pick up donations.  The Lord has opened up this beautiful relationship to show His love by providing food for the poor and widows.

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