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SATURDAY, APRIL 02, 2011Printer-Friendly
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Our beneficial deeds are causing many to hear the Word of God

Last Saturday over 40 students from BBC spent the day evangelizing in the city.
It looks as though I will have four college interns for six weeks and two of them for the whole summer.
We have had visitors in everyone of our services for the past several weeks.
Thursday at midnight 11 christian college students from Cooper Union, a engineering and architechural college in our neighborhood, came to help us with our Trader Joe's pickup.  It was refreshing to see their zeal for the Lord and listen to them testify and pray.  
Conservatively nearly 1000 individuals a week (the 300 attendees represent over 1000 in their homes) in our neighborhood are receiving the benefit of our labor of love, remembering the poor. 

These are difficult times for many people.  Our beneficial deeds are causing many to come to the mission chapel to hear the Word of God.

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