We have a strategic presence in the heart of Manhattan that allows us to effectively minister to the people in many ways that would otherwise not be possible. The following videos highlight various aspects of our ministry.

Bread of Life Food Ministry

We have partnered with multiple Trader Joe's grocery stores and are actively engaged in this "beneficial deeds" ministry where we are able to distribute millions of dollars worth of food to those who need it the most -- widows, jobless, and others who are struggling.

Street Evangelism and One-On-One

Churches from all over the country have sent teams to NYC to undergo a rigorous week of evangelism training by way of street preaching, music, and one-on-one conversations.

Training Teams for Evangelism

We would love to have the opportunity to equip a team from your church with some practical tips (and on-the-job practice!) on how to engage people of varying backgrounds and religions in Gospel conversation.

Please consider supporting this ministry by your prayers and giving. Don't hesitate to email Bill Jones directly if you have any questions at all or if you are interested in sending a group from your church to NYC! We have the ability to house your group at our facility and begin immediate on-the-job training in effective evangelism! Contact us today!